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Frequently Asked Questions:-

Can I choose which tricycle I would like at my wedding or event?

Yes you can, it is on a first come first served basis and you need to state at the time of booking which tricycle you require to avoid disappointment.

We have five tricycles:-

4 x Wedding Tricycles one of which is White and one of which is Dark Blue with “Traditional Ice Cream” sign writing one cream/lilac.

1 x Events Tricycle which is light blue with Venetian images.

Do you do Wedding or Party Packages?

We have years of experience doing both. We have 3 wedding Packages, Rome, Milan and Venice all listed on our Packages page with pricing. If it is a party you are organising we have attended events with up to 31,000 people, please contact us to discuss your particular event.

Where at my Wedding/Event can the tricycle be placed?

It is imperative that you check with your venue regarding the door way/entrance measurements and accessibility. We cannot negotiate more than a couple of steps and we require a minimum door width of 1.2 metres .Of course, we can operate our tricycles inside or out the choice is yours. It is your responsibility to double check with the venue if we can gain access. The tricycles are approximately 8 feet long and 44 inches wide.

How Long is the Ice Cream service?

2 Hours is the standard service but depending on the Wedding you can hire us for longer. We have a pricing structure to cover longer service if you desire.

How do I choose the Ice Cream?

All the flavours are listed on our website on the “About Us” page and this guide will help you make your choice.

How many flavours can I have?

Five is the answer, because we offer unlimited ice cream we have found five works well.

Can I mix and match Ice Cream and Sorbets?

Yes, you can pick 5 and they can be a combination of Ice Cream and Sorbets if you are booking the Rome, Milan or Venice package.

What Toppings do I get?

With our Rome, Milan or Venice package you get juice, Cadbury’s Flake, Jelly Love Hearts or Haribo sweets.


Always make a member of our staff aware if there are any guests with allergies, we carry fully allergy listings of our products, always check. Also please state on your booking form to indicate allergies. It is your responsibility to ensure you make your choice correctly when purchasing Ice Cream.

What Cone choice do I have?

With our Rome, Milan or Venice package we serve on Italian Waffle Cones or Traditional Cones and Tubs. Corporate events we use the same and festivals we use Traditional Cones. Kulfi Ice Cream is traditionally served in tubs.

How do I book?

Contact us either through our “Contacts Page”, telephone or email and we will confirm availability and email or post you a Booking Form. This Booking Form MUST be returned with £100.00 non-refundable deposit to secure the booking and also it gives us clear and concise information about your wedding/event requirements.

It’s easy to book, so you choose which tricycle you require, what flavours of Ice Cream you require and when and where.

This is a non-refundable deposit once paid as the date/time/trike is then booked and reserved.

Can I take pictures with the tricycle?

Yes, most photographers welcome the photographic opportunity, it’s fun. We also ask on our booking form for confirmation of use of pictures for our portfolio to keep our information up to date.

Do you hire the tricycles out on their own?

No, they are hired out as a package with a trained attendant.

If your venue requires copies of paperwork?

No problem we can supply any venue with the following paperwork:-

Liability Insurance

Risk Assessment

CRB/DBS Certification

Health & Hygiene Food Certification

Five star rated from local Council

Allergen check list

COVID Risk Assessment

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